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If the parties require more than 18 months at this stage they must file a new statement of marital breakdown, ie begin all over again: s 5(7). Bearing in mind that they could also have had an 18 month halt during the period for reflection and consideration, pursuant to s 7(7) and (8), this must be fair enough. Obviously any period in which there is in force an order preventing divorce will not count towards the crucial year (called in the act the ‘specified period’ but already referred to by some commentators the ‘lapse period’) which follows the end of the period for reflection and consideration: s 5(4).

7) The circumstances are— (a) that a statement has previously been made with respect to the marriage and it is, or will become, possible— 30 GUIDE TO THE FAMILY LAW ACT 1996 (i) for an application for a divorce order, or (ii) for an application for a separation order, to be made by reference to the previous statement; (b) that such an application has been made in relation to the marriage and has not been withdrawn; (c) that a separation order is in force. General. This section details the format for the statement of marital breakdown.

FAMILY LAW ACT 1996 25 General. This section continues the integrated approach to divorce and separation by enabling a separation order to be converted into a divorce order pursuant to s 4(3). This is subject only to s 11 in respect of the welfare of children (for the detailed provisions of s 11 see below at that section). However, ss 4(1) and 4(2) preserve the current position under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 s 3 whereby the divorce process is not to be initiated prior to the expiration of one year since the celebration of the marriage.

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