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V. nxi TAio,TAeie-,TACio^ [TAeiA^],TAeiHyt [TAeiHoyrt^TACiAeiTt] m. /rortor, g/^ r e - personal pronoun 2nd person sing. fem. you re copular pronoun f. she is, it is v. n e honor; TXKO 31 T H , T € m. time, season T H demonstrative pronoun f. that v. nn t - demonstrative article f. v. ni t - personal pronoun 1st person sing. c. T A i - give; m. gift imper. M X , M H S I ^ , Hxf T H with dative N A ^ N C A - , R c c D * ^ pursue t Z^'j Z^^^^ clothe, put on, wear CTot it is fitting t e B O A sell t MR- fight with f o y B e - fight against f plus noun forms many compound verbs v.

Ordinance, destiny TOO) m. border, limit, district, nome Teq^e f. neighbor - (caus. of ) in T x q ^ e o e i q ^ proclaim, preach increase (caus. of xigxi) T x q [ T H q ] m. saliva e e V. manner Txige Txq^o, T^Lq^e TCJD^ coq^ Txq^o^ m . chaff TO^z > '^^Z -»T'^Z^»THZ^ disturbance be mixed, be disturbed, mix, stir; m. mature, [ T C ^ O ] , T X ^ e - , TJt^o^ Txzo [Te2x^,Te^o^], Tx^nyt set up, reach, catch up, attain (caus. of c j D ^ e ) jcTTX^o*'' unattainable, incomprehensible Txzo epxT^ establish t ^ e , TjL^et [ T o ^ e t ] get drunk; m.

Abuse, insult N o y ^ c [ N o y d e ], N o 6 c t be angry; m. anger called 3 5 5 transliterated ks as number sixty for K C o called o y transliterated o 5 as number seventy [o is sometimes replaced by x ] - o , - c o , - o y great, large in e i e p o , ot [oeit] M oft ppo, 2^AO , etc. (cf. xixi be thirsty O B C 9 * ^ , O B q ^ t v . c o B c p forget O B ^ e f. tooth oeiK m. f. clay, mud o y A M O M e f. earth-eating animal, eater, ulcer, gangrene o e i M e , o e i M f. hook ON [XH] once again, also, still, yet, additionally, moreover o N 2 ^ , O N A 2 ^ V.

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