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By Nina Kiriki Hoffman

ISBN-10: 0441009751

ISBN-13: 9780441009756

ISBN-10: 0441011772

ISBN-13: 9780441011773

ISBN-10: 0786557249

ISBN-13: 9780786557240

Gypsum LaZelle is a misfit in a relations of spellcasters-she possesses no magical skill whatever. until eventually the day while she turns into gravely unwell, and discovers that her Transition has happened ultimately, bestowing upon her an odd and scary strength.

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He was a professor at UC Santa Tekla, and he taught me lots about how to communicate with students. FLU was going through the college that winter, but I usually didn't get sick. We had basic family spells to guard against illness that covered everybody in the household. Every once in a while something slipped through, though. A. to see Opal, who was working on the makeup for a big-budget monster movie and thought she could get everybody in to meet the star, Gerard Shelley. My family usually didn't get starstruck—we had a history of film work dating back to the teens, when the Ace of Hearts Studio shot westerns in the hills above Santa Tekla, and our grandparents were on the crew.

Usually by the week before Christmas, Mama had assigned us our holiday chores, and everybody had worked to decorate the house. You could expect to see the house's lights from down the street, competing with the displays of our neighbors, some of whom turned their lawns into shrines to reindeer and choristers and even Mother and Child. This year Mama hadn't said anything yet. Not that we expected surprises. I was pretty sure my job was to make cookies again, so I planned a big bake on Saturday. Mama hated it when I parked the car in the turnaround out front.

Someone tall stood out there, across the quad, under one of the orange streetlights that lit the paths of the western campus. Light shone down on a dark head, black-clothed shoulders. The body looked broad, all the clothes dark in the Halloween light. The head tilted, and the face came out of shadows, a pale oval with two dark pits for eyes. A chill zipped down my spine. I jerked back from the door. What was he waiting for? Me? Why? Nobody ever waited for me. Maybe it was just an evening walker.

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