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Книга A Mathematician Explains A Mathematician Explains Книги Математика Автор: Mayme I. Logsdon Год издания: 1937 Формат: djvu Издат.:University Of Chicago Press Страниц: 2 hundred Размер: 1,9 ISBN: B000O01DLG Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:A Mathematician Explains

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42. , III, p. 71. 42 Constantius did not suVer from humility or discretion. 3). He also delighted in theological debate, but lacked any understanding of the issues or the solemnity of the subject. 1–8). Along this line, Marcellinus writes: ‘The plain and simple religion of the Christians was bedeviled by Constantius with old wives’ fancies. 18). This last quote was made famous by Edward Gibbon and is reproduced in nearly all of the literature on the Nicene–‘Arian’ debates, as it goes on to complain about the use of the postal carriages by the bishops.

Paulinus consented to the condemnation of Photinus and Marcellus but not Athanasius. He was exiled. 23 Unfortunately, Hilary’s work survives only in fragmented form, making it diYcult at times to understand the sequence of events he describes. However, when we bear in mind Sulpicius’ narration, Hilary’s account corresponds nicely with the one outlined above. After describing Photinus’ condemnation at the synod of Milan in 345 and at the synod of Rome in 347, where Valens and Ursacius recanted their allegiance with the eastern bishops, Hilary writes: ‘Meanwhile there was an assembly at Sirmium.

Photinus, apprehended as a heretic, and a long time earlier pronounced guilty and for some time cut oV from united communion, could not even then be brought through a popular faction . ’24 At this point Hilary’s text is interrupted. When the text resumes, Hilary is discussing how Athanasius severed communion with Marcellus prior to the condemnation of Photinus at the synod of Milan in 345. At Wrst glance, Hilary’s comment seems to be out of chronological sequence. He had already discussed the condemnation of Photinus at Milan and Rome in the 340s.

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