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By Philip Kennedy

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Philip Kennedy argues that any process which seeks to rejuvenate Christianity through repeating age-old doctrines and resisting far-reaching conceptual reconstructions is doomed. He proposes that conventional Christian theology needs to greatly swap a lot of its formulae and theses due to a large number of contemporary social, historic, and highbrow revolutions. Kennedy deals a grand ancient sweep of the genesis of the fashionable age, and covers the entire suitable debates, conflicts and controversies surrounding and informing this topic.

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On the one hand, in the European heartland of historic Christendom people have stopped going to church on a massive scale. On the other hand, poor people elsewhere appear to be increasingly drawn to Christianity. In the first instance, the challenge for theologians is to discern why Christianity has been so resoundingly ignored. In the second, the great hurdle for theologians is to devise ways of interpreting Christian faith that do not force Africans, Asians and the inhabitants of Latin America to use the traditional theological terminology of Europe that is heavily indebted to ancient Greek philosophy.

There are, of course, many theologians, Catholic and otherwise, who wholeheartedly endorse the doctrinal remonstrances meted out by the Vatican’s departments. Discord in the Catholic Church and other Churches is but one of the many side effects of Christianity’s current predicament. Quite apart from Catholic laments and squabbles, the current predicament of Christianity as such varies from country to country. There are now about  billion human beings populating this planet. 26 While Church populations are diminishing in Europe, religious practice varies markedly from nation to kingdom.

34 The point is, something has happened in modern times to render the question of the meaning of life less obvious, more disputed, less certain, and certainly more perplexing. The brilliant German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once observed that when people begin to talk incessantly about ‘values’, we can be confident that values are in trouble. As Julian Young points out, The same is true of the meaning of life. That we talk, make nervous, Woody Allenish jokes, write and read books such as this one about it suggests we are troubled by the topic.

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