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By Barry Miller

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The sequel to From lifestyles to God, this article deals a portrait of God that contrasts sharply with that supplied by means of perfect-being theology. It exposes the absurdity of this view and exhibits how extensively God differs from even the main exalted of his creatures.

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A Corollary Concerning'____ exists' I have dwelt at length on the error of conceiving the ontological role of existence as one of inhering in or of being received by an individual. ' The point about '____ is brown' is that it can attribute exactly the same kind of property to individuals as diverse as Helen, a gazelle, or even a plank of wood: the brownness had by each individual may differ neither in kind nor degree from that had by any other. To think of '____ exists' in this way would be to regard it as attributing to Helen neither more nor less than it does to a grain of sand.

2. My argument for predicate instances as incomplete entities is given in part II of the appendix to this chapter. 3 They would not be individuated by anything else, but would exist irrespective of whether they belonged to something or to nothing whatever. Elsewhere, however, I have argued that, by committing the cardinal sin of implying that the uninstantiable can in fact be instantiated, trope theory forfeits any claim to tenability. 4 Inherence of Properties: Existence vs. Wisdom With the introduction of the notion of property instances, we can begin to explore the relations between Socrates and his instance of existence to determine whether any sense can be made of the notion of his existence adding anything to him.

The rationale for denying that use stemmed largely from the paradoxes and absurdities that such a position was alleged to generate. These, however, were readily resolved by exposing the falsity of their tacit assumption that existence could not be a real first-level property without non-existence likewise being a real property. There has, of course, been a spate of alternative proposals, ranging from the plausible to the contrived, some for treating '____exists' as a second-level predicable and some for reducing it to various other first-level predicables of a non-existential kind, whether formal or otherwise.

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