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By John Stevens

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This definitive, profusely illustrated handbook covers the basic components of the philosophy and perform of Aikido, the japanese martial paintings that has been embraced by means of glossy psychology and plenty of Western bodywork therapies.
Useful to the newbie and skilled practitioner alike, the booklet information the normal equipment and methods of Shirata Rinjiro, of whom John Stevens is a valuable pupil. famous for the appropriate execution of quite a lot of innovations and an emphasis on Aikido as a religious course, Shirata Senseis teachings exemplify the way in which of the warrior: greater technical prowess mixed with profound non secular insight.
In addition to images and outlines of all of the very important Aikido strategies, Stevens recounts fascinating and vigorous anecdotes in regards to the background of Aikido and its founder, Ueshiba Morihei, who built it from a martial artwork right into a non secular self-discipline. A biography of Shirata Sensei, entire together with his reflections on sixty years of Aikido perform, is additionally incorporated.

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CRUSHING (PENG-CH'UAN) Peng is a response to a body attack. It is a powerful action and one that the famed Kuo Yun-shen and Shang Yun-hsiang used to perfection. Wang Shu-chin could use it starting with his fist against the opponent's body and drop most men, so well was he able to generate power from his legs. " That is, he would take a half step forward, bring the rear foot forward and punch. And then repeat with the other fist (the same foot goes forward while the fists alternate. ") Kuo Feng-ch'ih also 115-18 THE FUNCTION OK THE FIVE FORMS 53 taught me a full-stride walking method in which you peng alternately with each fist as one foot touches down.

FUNCTIONS EQUATED TO THE FIVE ELEMENTS 61 151-52 153-54 155-56 157 158-59 160 5. The Twelve Styles 1-4 5-6 Because of his brain man is superior to other animals. But physically he can learn much from animals. To the five basic forms, therefore, Hsing-i adds an auxiliary twelve styles derived from the fighting characteristics of animals, some mythical. The arrangement, types, and names vary according to the schools. The twelve taught by Yuan Tao are as follows: (1) Dragon, (2) Tiger, (s) Monkey, (4) Horse, (5) Turtle, (6) Chicken, (7) Falcon, (8) Swallow, (9) Snake, (10) Dove, (11) Eagle, and (12) Bear.

Your knees are well bent, close together, and the punch is focused low at the opponent's stomach, proceeding like an arrow. Put your right heel down, take your left foot a half step forward and toe it out. Now, take your right foot forward. Follow-step with your left foot on its toes, shooting your left fist over your right fist, which retracts to your right side. Take a half step forward with your right foot, toe it out, and take a full step with your left foot. As you follow-step with your right foot on its toes, shoot your right fist forward over your withdrawing left fist.

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