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On this passage, which places the marriage in ca. 354, which has Berenice married to her next husband by 44 ce, see A. Fuks, ‘Marcus Julius Alexander’, Zion 13–14 (1947–1949), pp. 14–17. On him see Fuks, CPJ II, pp. 188–97; Stern, GLAJJ II, pp. 7–8, 15–16, 96; L. ), Prosopographia Imperii Romani Saec. 3 (Berlin 1966), pp. 135–7 (no. 139); S. Etienne, ‘Réflexion sur l’apostasie de Tibérius Julius Alexander’, StPhAnn 12 (2000), pp. 122–42; G. Schimanowski, ‘Die jüdische Integration in die Oberschicht Alexandriens und die angebliche Apostasie des Tiberius Julius Alexander’, in J.

13 (but others read ‘most musical’ or ‘most clear-voiced’; see Colson, PLCL IX, p. 16 n. 2). Contrast Philo’s portrait of Gaius (Legat. 349–73) with Gruen’s (Diaspora, pp. 66–7: ‘levity rather than animosity’; ‘frivolity by the mischievous monarch’); cf. P. McKechnie, ‘Judaean Embassies and Cases before Roman Emperors, ad 44–66’, JThS 56 (2005), pp. 340–1. 71 But, as opposed to 39–41, in 66–70 even the death of three emperors could not postpone the end anymore, and the issue was resolved by the victory of the side with the most legions.

42 In other words, the imposition of Romans above them created for the Greeks of Alexandria a situation of relative deprivation that forced them to try to demote those beneath them, thus collapsing – in their minds – the Jews and the ‘natives’ into one category. How were the Jews to respond to this? One obvious route was to embrace Roman rule and respond to the Alexandrians’ hostility by asking the Romans to defend them. That amounted to asking the Romans to view the Jews and the Greek Alexandrians as equals: now they were all guests (or subjects) of the Romans and should be treated equally.

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