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By Antonio Alfonso-Faus

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12, 443-447 [JETP lett. 12, 307 (1970)] Part 2 New Approaches to Cosmology 2 The Strained State Cosmology Angelo Tartaglia Politecnico di Torino Italy 1. Introduction When studying cosmology one is unavoidably faced with the problem of the relevance and meaning of the terms that are in use and any purely physical and mathematical discussion borders philosophy. In this respect we must move from the remark that any description of the cosmos needs the concepts of space and time. These two entities, so fundamental in physics, are indeed neither trivial nor obvious in any respect.

E. it is homogeneous and isotropic in space (cosmological principle). This conviction is based both on a priori arguments and on the observation. On the theoretical side: why should a given 36 Aspects of Today´s Cosmology position or direction in space be more important than another? So let us assume all positions and directions are equivalent. In the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as later on, at the time of the Hoyle-Gold-Bondi steady state cosmology, this argument was assumed to hold also for time: why should any given moment be “special”?

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