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During this e-book Vernon White units out to deal with the situation of credibility that more and more has affected conventional claims made for the Atonement, and makes an attempt to give an explanation for how the existence, demise, and resurrection of Jesus Christ could have a common saving importance. the current paintings stands as anything of a sequel to the author's prior ebook the autumn of a Sparrow, which tried to teach how God may be conceived as being universally and specifically lively on the planet. during this learn, White concentrates at the saving nature of that job, and the coherence which he feels emerges if this can be grounded within the particularity of the Christ-event. In protecting the constitutive nature of Christ's position within the salvation of the realm, with no counting on Anselmian or penal substitutionary types of atonement, White proposes an atonement version that can rehabilitate any such trust with out offending ethical and conceptual sensibilities. A assisting bankruptcy is supplied outlining the type of christology required to maintain this version, whereas the ultimate chapters of the e-book talk about the moral implications of the placement followed.

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And then applying them to the character of God's action towards us. As such we are at one remove from the nature of that action for us, and therefore at one remove also from the identity of the agent. In Christ we are confronted only with a likeness of divine action in general, not the divine agent himself in his action towards us. It therefore strictly limits the significance of the event even qua revelation. An analogy might help. One can say in general that a wife saved her husband through her loving acceptance of him at times of great stress in his job.

Of course this may not be a decisive objection, in the sense that we are not always entitled to what we may wish for. We may well have to put up with indirect access to an elusive God. But we should at least make this point sharp enough to counter inconsistency, and hold the non-constitutivists more rigorously to the logic of their own position. For it has to be said that some of those who are most cautious of admitting the constitutive presence and action of God in Christ are most confident in asserting the character of God revealed there; they proclaim his self-giving love and forgiveness, not as faint, elusive analogies, not as abstractions drawn from the likeness of God, but as if we do have epistemological access to some concrete, constitutive act of God.

As we have been taught by Macquarrie, they can have a constitutive meaning, which certainly needs to be incorporated into any adequate overall account of atonement theory. But Fiddes himself is not content with this alone, nor with a wholly subjective transformation of the metaphors. He is concerned throughout the book (unlike Gunton) to test each image and metaphor against that precise question which concerns us most: namely, the claim to that kind of objectivity which insists that the process of salvation here and now in some sense depends on the Christ event, and how we may conceive the nature of that dependence.

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