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By David Fearn

Bacchylides: Politics, functionality, Poetic Tradition combines shut literary research of Bacchylides' poetry with targeted dialogue of the crucial position poetry performed in numerous differing political contexts all through Greece within the early 5th century BC. In Bacchylides' compliment poetry, David Fearn argues, the poet manipulates quite a lot of previous Greek literature not just to raise the prestige of his filthy rich consumers, but additionally to impress thought of the character of political energy and aristocratic society. New gentle can also be shed on Bacchylides' Dithyrambs, via unique dialogue of the facts for the kuklios khoros ('circular chorus') and its relation to various various spiritual gala's, particularly inside of democratic Athens. The hyperlinks created among literary issues and cultural contexts reinvigorate those underappreciated poems and show their relevant significance for the self-definition of political communities.

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Frr. 124d and 125; Philod. De mus. 12 (p. 76 Kemke) and Ath. 635b. 470), and the evidence of Ath. 600e = Kritias B 1 D–K (the last with an interesting bias as discussed by Wilson (2003a) ). See also Snyder (1972) 333; Neer (2002) 19–20. West (1990) 58 n. 43 speculates about a connection between barbitos and the Middle Persian word for ‘short-necked lute’, barbat. : ‘das Instrument wird wie ein lebendes Wesen angesprochen’; Maehler (2004) 245 ad loc. 1–3 and 2. 44 λελιζοµ να, Pind. Pyth. 4. g. Eur.

37b–e on the story of the Akragantine house called ‘Trireme’. g. Gentili (1988) ch. 11), and the frequent deployment of seafaring iconography on sympotic vases; Stehle (1997) 227 with n. 59. 33 For a parallel for drink sending men’s thoughts aloft, see Ion of Khios fr. 4 PMG, ο νον αερσ νοον, quoted in close proximity to the Bacchylidean citation at Ath. 35d–e; cf. Maehler (2004) 248 ad loc. 10. Incidentally, it seems therefore more natural to read in ∆ιονυσ οισι δ ροι as the dominant neuter plural subject of π µπει in line 10, rather than to side with the interpretation of Kurke (1996) and to see Κ πριδ .

Bacchylides fr. 20B 29 even potentially critical of the nature of monarchy. I show how Bacchylides uses an overarching sympotic framework to explore problems pertaining to boundaries, definitions, illusion, and praise itself in relation to Alexander, at a time when political and cultural allegiance, and Greekness itself, is up for grabs, but is becoming a very serious issue in view of Persian threats from the East. The complexity of the poem’s sympotic rhetoric cannot be divorced from these much broader themes.

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