Erle Montaigue's Baguazhang Volume 2 PDF

By Erle Montaigue

ISBN-10: 0949132071

ISBN-13: 9780949132079

Baguazhang is expounded to be the sister of Tai Chi Chuan, the mum of the 3 inner structures. it truly is one of many most modern chinese language healing/martial arts of the interior process and comprises the superior of the Shaolin Martial arts in addition to some of the best of the Buddhism or Taoism battling arts.

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L I N K I N G M OV E M E N T: Spin around to the S. using the left under slip block and use the single palm strike with left foot forward. PHOTO NO. 233. BREAKING HIS HOLD AND STRIKING HIS C H E S T: The same as the previous movements of the same name only in reverse. Take your left palm down and then up to break the hold step through with your right foot to the S. and take over the right wrist with your right palm. Take a step to behind with your left foot and opening your palms throw him over your left leg.

302. You gain the power for this using fa-jing within the whole body as one single unit. If you cannot gain power doing this special kick then you are not doing fa-jing. Now, the attacker kicks again using his left foot to your lower leg. You again swivel outward on the ball of your left foot and thrust your right heel outward then instantly and violently jerking it back to hook around behind the attacker’s left calf muscle. PHOTO NO. 303. This kick is aimed at BL 57 (Bladder 57) (See my Encyclopaedia of Dim-Mak for details).

285 A180. I take a right step in towards him as I take his right wrist with my right palm and take another step in with my left foot turned to the right as far as possible and attack to his eyes with left snake palm: PHOTO NO. 286. A181. He might block this so I place my weight down onto my left foot and turn to the N. raising my right foot and thrusting backwards to his eyes with my right snake palm. PHOTO NO. 287. A182. He might block this and attack me with his left palm so I spin on my left heel clockwise to the S.

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