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The evidence supporting the days of creation being 24-hour periods is overwhelming, as Fields has documented. In addition to his evidence, I would like to offer the following for consideration. EVIDENCE SUBSTANTIATING THE DAYS OF GENESIS 1 AS LITERAL, 24-HOUR PERIODS 1. The days of creation should be accepted as literal, 24-hour periods because the context demands such a rendering. The language of the text is simple and clear. Honest exegetes cannot read anything else out of these verses than a day of 24 hours and a week of 7 days.

Archer has simply “read into” the divine narrative the assumptions of his baseless view. Let us take a careful look at the Bible facts. First, apparently only those animals that God “brought” unto Adam were involved, and this seems to be limited, as Archer concedes, to Eden. Second, certain creatures were excluded. There is, for example, no mention of fish or creeping things. Third, the text does not suggest how broad the categories were that Adam was to name. ” God created living organisms according to “kinds,” which, in the Bible appears to be a rather elastic term.

On this day God did not create. Thus God made the first seven-day week (Exod. 20:8-11; 31:12-17), and the Sabbath of rest was “a sign” (v. 17) so that at every recurrence of this seventh day Israel might note the significance of this sign, this seventh day of rest being a type and a promise of the rest instituted for man since the days of creation. Like Canaan, the Sabbath was a type and a promise of this rest (1966, pp. 132-133, emp. added). Additionally, even if it could be proved somehow that the seventh day of creation were longer than the others (which it cannot), that still would establish only one thing—that the seventh day was longer.

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