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By John E. Reynolds III;Sentiel A. Rommel

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O’SHEA Contributors Preface My introduction to marine mammal science and policy occurred in the autumn of 1974 when I took a class taught by Dan Odell at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. At the time little did I appreciate the rare opportunity I had to take one of the few such courses in existence. s have never taken one. Between 1975 and 1980 I worked as a teaching assistant in Dan’s course. Although my primary responsibility was teaching marine mammal anatomy laboratories, I began to consider how I would teach different aspects of marine mammalogy; my musings crystallized in 1980 when I was hired by Eckerd College and was charged with precisely that task.

Minor Indus Susu Iniidaea Inia geoffrensis Boutu / Boto Pontoporiidaea Lipotes vexillifer Baiji Pontoporia blainvillei Franciscana Source: Jefferson et al. 1993. Note that more than one common name may be used and recognized for particular species. aMembers of these three families are collectively referred to as river dolphins. The odontocetes are more variable than the mysticetes. The sperm whales, members of the families Physteridae and Kogiidae (Table 1-6), share certain traits, including the presence of a spermaceti organ in the head, extreme skull asymmetry, and small underslung lower jaws; the sperm whale is much larger and has a much larger, squarer head than does Kogia; however, the Kogia skull is wider than it is long, unusual in mammals.

Handbook of Marine Mammals, Vol. 6: The Second Book of Dolphins and of Porpoises. Academic Press, San Diego, CA. Twiss, J. , and R. R. ). 1999. Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals. C. Wilson, D. , M. A. Bogan, R. , A. M. Burdin, and M. K. Maminov. 1991. Geographic variation in sea otters, Enhydra lutris. Journal of Mammalogy 72:22–36. 2 D. ANN PABST, SENTIEL A. ROMMEL, AND WILLIAM A. MCLELLAN The Functional Morphology of Marine Mammals Structure without function is a corpse; function sans structure is a ghost.

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