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;Blumenschmuck aus Window colour КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА Название: Blumenschmuck aus Window colour Автор: Uschi Wieck Издательство: Augustus Verlag Год издания: 2002 Страниц: 31 Язык: Немецкий Формат: PDF Качество: хорошее Размер: 2.18 Mb МбБукеты цветов , украшения стола или небольшие подарки выполнены витражными красками eighty five

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But if everyone believes it to be so, and punishes single parents accordingly, this will have real consequences for both parents and children and will become ‘true’ in terms of its real effect, even if in some absolute sense it has never been conclusively proven. Rather than looking at representation through individual texts, Foucault analyses it through the discursive formations in which texts are located. For Foucault, the body is the key object over which power is applied, through techniques of regulation.

Rather than seeing the family as an institution, Morgan uses the term ‘family practices’ to indicate the fluidity and diversity of family relationships. So a new post-nuclear, post-patriarchal familial model has been conceived and projected by sociological theory. However, within ‘the messy improvisational patchwork bonds of postmodern family life’, Judith Stacey (1999: 189) claims that contemporary changes in family values have led to normative instability. A feature of the postmodern condition seems to be the rise of a normative vacuum and definitional crisis for the ‘postmodern family’.

As a central part of the rise of individualism in late modernity, love has come to be the crucial way of finding meaning in life and yet it has become more fragile and precarious. The child provides new hope and becomes a guarantee of permanent love during the very moment when the adult relationship seems to be waning. Beck and Beck-Gernsheim point to the rise of an autonomous motherhood in which a woman has a child without a relationship with a man, and also to the fact that both parents want to keep the children after divorce, as examples of this need for children as a promise of greater fulfilment.

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