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Modern literary feedback has nearly missed to interpret modern narrative fiction, poetry, and drama from a relatively non secular standpoint. during this booklet, Robert Detweiler, the greatest student of theology-based literary feedback, redresses this lack by way of providing a transparent and entire examine of non secular subject matters in modern fiction. He applies the newest severe remedies to the research of non secular topics in numerous works, together with works via Margaret Atwood, Jorge Luis Borges, Annie Dillard, Franz Kafka, Milan Kundera, Walker Percy, and John Updike. In so doing, Detweiler keenly demonstrates that there are numerous how you can behavior a non secular studying of a text.

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For he comes to see this surfeit of possibilities, and the need always to choose specific ones, as indicative of his own condition: compelled to design his life on the basis of choices of action with far-reaching consequences, from too many options and with too little direction. Reading narrative, then, in which the author reveals her anxiety about the creative process - as so much contemporary writing shows - generates in the reader both a shared sense of the author's agän and areminder that one also always lives at risk - in doubt as how one' s life will evolve and turn out.

Xv. Although as Brooks points out in Reading for the Plot, 'Plot ... must Playing tor Real 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 29 use metaphor as the trope of its achieved interrelations, and it must be metaphoric insofar as it is totalizing. Yet it is equally apparent that the key figure of narrative must in some sense be not metaphor but metonymy: the figure of contiguity and combination, of the syntagmatic relation' (91). ), On Metaphor (University of Chicago Press, 1979) present a number of representative positions in the ongoing discussion on metaphor, and I have been helped considerably by Sallie McFague' s Chapter 2, 'Metaphor, Parable, and Scripture', in her Metaphorical Theology: Models of God in Religious Language (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1982), and by Chapter 2, 'Metaphorical Theology', in her Models of God: Theology for an Ecological, Nuclear Age (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1987).

Not the hitchhiker but his own girl. The game merged with life. The game of humiliating the hitchhiker became only apretext for humiliating the girl. The young man had forgotten he was playing a game. He simply hated the woman standing in front of hirn. He stared at her and took a fifty-crown bill from his wallet. He offered it to the girl. " , (88) He pays her to perform a striptease for hirn, which she does anxiously but still in the spirit of this risky and now frightening game. Then, when she tries to stop the game and call forth both of their familiar selves, he will not relinquish his role - which has somehow joined reality - and takes her sexually as if she were a whore.

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