Download e-book for iPad: Bruce Lee the Tao of Gung Fu: A Study in the Way of Chinese by Bruce Lee, John Little

By Bruce Lee, John Little

ISBN-10: 1462917887

ISBN-13: 9781462917884

This is a booklet that Bruce Lee started writing in 1964, yet by no means accomplished. Lee's writing unearths his considerate research of the tapestry of chinese language martial arts, delivering glimpses into the numerous types and his remark on those arts. Lee's severe interest led him to amass this information and disclose the constraints of strict adherence to culture, which galvanized him to strengthen his cosmopolitan "way of no way."
The Tao of Gung Fu comprises insights into a variety of chinese language martial arts and coaching methodologies, sketches of martial arts strategies, Lee's own scrapbook of his recognized thesis, "The Tao of Gung Fu." Witness Lee's own cultivation of excellence in martial arts. His program of philosophy to actual events epitomizes the unification of brain and body—a actual lifestyle for the martial artist.
Chapters include:
What is Gung Fu?—An advent to chinese language Gung Fu, On Yin and Yang, and Bridging the distance of Yin and Yang
Some ideas of Gung Fu—The basics of Gung Fu, the elemental impressive issues of Gung Fu, Introducing the Wing Chun directly Punch, and The perform of Forms
Taoism within the chinese language artwork of Gung Fu—On Wu-Hsin (No-Mindedness), On Wu Wei (Nondoing), and situated Thoughts
Ideas and Opinions—Traditions and Histories of chinese language Gung Fu, The query of Psychic heart, and Bruce's view on Gung Fu
Appendices—Bruce Lee's gung fu history on the time he wrote this e-book, Gung Fu terminology, and Letters and gung fu scrapbook
This Bruce Lee publication is a part of Tuttle Publishing's Bruce Lee Library which additionally features:
Bruce Lee's awesome Thoughts
Bruce Lee: the prestigious lifetime of the Golden Dragon
Bruce Lee Artist of Life
Bruce Lee: Letters of the Dragon
Bruce Lee: The paintings of Expressing the Human Body
Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do

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4. Maintain the correct placement of your body. Some Techniques of Gung Fu 51 Training to enhance footwork You can increase your ability to control your legs through mediumposture squatting exercises and ape-imitation movements such as low walking. , standing) splits. You should also practice stepping to both sides and their variations while employing your kicking tools and hand tools, all the while covering your centerline and hand and knee positions. For example, when side-stepping to the left, your right or lead leg should cross over in front of your rear leg, in order to protect your groin area.

Reduces the chances of missing because opponent has less time for blocking. Regular straight punch versus gung fu straight punch ~-~-~---ry ~ Figure I Figure 2 The straight punch is the fastest, most accurate punch in gung fu. Note how it proceeds from B to A in a straight line, with no wasted motion, unlike /\s curve line punch to B. Some additional gung fu hand strikes 62 The Tao of Gung Fu Finger jab (straight) Finger jab (upward slant) Edge-of-hand strike Back-palm strike Fan-palm strike Back fan-palm strike 0 ~-ttf f Od (()r ,_ cl • _l: ( Heel (penetrating) palm strike Some Techniques of Gung Fu Open-hand or soft-palm strike 63 64 Facing opponent B in ready (by-jong) position.

Used against the solar plexus. b. Used against the junction of the nose and forehead, or between the upper lip and the inside of the neck. c. Used against the body. d. Used against the eyes. e. Used against the solar plexus or the jaw. Some Techniques of Gung Fu 53 f. Used against the testes. g. Used against the crotch, abdomen, or testes. h. Used from prone position against the knee, crotch, abdomen, jaw, or chin. Another view of weapons and their applications The first hand weapon to learn to use effectively should be the straight punch with a vertical fist, then the finger jab, then the peacock eye (one-knuckle fist), and the chop choy (four-knuckle fist).

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